The New Age Movement Vs Christianity – Portion one

I need to clearly show you With this report how the rules on the NAM and from the bible are diametrically opposed. The brand new Age Movement (NAM) is usually a revamped blend of ancient religious, traditions and procedures. The movement will get its title from your perception while in the emergence in the “Age of Aquarius”. In addition to historic influences, the NAM is deeply rooted during the counterculture motion on the 1960’s. Be aware: For brevity purposes, On this report I consult with the New Age Movement as being the NAM.

It is difficult to have an estimate of the volume of New Age believers since it encompasses numerous belief devices (for instance reincarnation, the occult, etcetera.). In the usa by itself it can be approximated that 10,000,000 people today believe in or observe the NAM in A method or A further. Even so, download age of z mod apk if you include connected beliefs which include in reincarnation, along with other Much Eastern beliefs while in the USA and the planet; then the worldwide membership is considered to become Considerably, A lot higher. It definitely suits The outline of the harlot faith as described in finish time bible prophecies.

A common belief Among the many NAM is the fact that mankind has or will shortly enter a new age generally known as the Age of Aquarius, whereby gentleman will ultimately arrive at embrace like, Pleasure, peace, abundance, and harmony among the peoples and nations; the Golden Age of male. So based on what is occurring around the world nowadays, it is clear that this new age of peace is nowhere in sight. I am going to obviously provide you with how the concepts with the NAM and on the bible are diametrically opposed. You can not have confidence in the God from the bible should you embrace the New Age philosophy. I desire to re-emphasize that they are diametrically opposed – absolute opposites! They can be like light-weight as opposed to darkness, day vs. evening, like polarity, and also to coin a phrase knowledgeable about New Agers – They can be opposites like “Yin and Yang”.

The Genesis of The brand new Age Movement (NAM)

The term New Age refers back to the coming astrological Age of Aquarius. It is analogous for the Mayan belief in individual ages. Based on the Age of Aquarius believers, the planet goes via massive astronomical cycles that may be discovered astrologically; the prior two thousand many years ended up referred to as the Age of Pisces, which has now presented solution to the Age of Aquarius. This age is considered to past for around 2000 a long time, prior to getting replaced by another age. Even so, the “new” while in the terms “New Age” are deceptive to begin with. Despite the fact that they symbolize that it’s new due to a meant new age that should be heralded in by astrological signs (Age of Aquarius together with other Astrology influences), virtually every other perception and exercise have historic roots.

Even the NAM’s “New Age of Aquarius” concept is outdated news – it really is Astrology primarily based. Astrology has existed given that historic times – it’s the perception which the heavenly bodies have an impact on people in the course of their lifestyle cycle. The secret of The celebs and planetary actions is something that appeals to several followers towards the NAM; though the NAM is just rehashing old mythology and embellishing it as When the motion on the constellation Aquarius will somehow launch some type of divine essence into gentleman; converting gentleman into a God or Goddess. Kind of feels like ancient Egyptian, Greek, Babylonian and Roman Mythology all over again – does not it? To learn more about the root of along with the

Both equally evangelical Christians and Catholics have expressed issue above the NAM and its affect. The Roman Catholic Church such as published A Christian reflection on the New Age in 2003, adhering to a six-calendar year study; the ninety-webpage document criticizes New Age tactics including yoga, meditation, feng shui, and crystal therapeutic. In accordance with the Vatican, euphoric states attained by way of New Age techniques shouldn’t be confused with prayer or viewed as indications of God’s presence. The NAM’s Lord Maitreya Concerning Nam’s assert of the coming “Christ” their Lord Maitreya” – it is actually intriguing what number of cults try and invoke the identify of Christ in an try to legitimize or insert trustworthiness to their unique faith and Bogus doctrines.

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